Departamenti: Menaxhim
Grada/Titulli: Dr.
Funksioni: Personel Akademik
Kontakt: [email protected]
Biografia: Lecturer at University of Tirana, Faculty of Economy. Main teaching subjects are “Management Foundations” and “Innovation and Commercialization”. Completed a Bachelor Degree in Finance and Banking in Warsaw School of Economics, and a Masters in the same field in Cracow School of Economics, Poland. Phd candidate at University of Tirana, studying innovation and its determinants. Initially has carried out research related with the history of economic crises, then innovation at firm level and its factors. Trained in Commercial Negotiations and Interpersonal Skills. Actually, has set up an innovative initiative resembling to start up incubators at the Faculty of Economy, trying to seed innovative culture among youth. Socially active and an engaged citizen.
Fusha e kërkimit: Inovacion, menaxhim inovacioni, Kulture inovative, Sisteme kombetare inovacioni
Lëndët: Menaxhim Biznesi, Inovacion
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